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The school building has five imposing storeys recently constructed with a perfect architectural design that has the confluence of western and eastern designs. The building is well protected with proper electrification, fire extinguishers and insurance. In view of running the CBSE curriculum, the classrooms are areawise 750 sq. ft. Each. The windows are large for the light to enter, Green boards have been positioned for a perfect visibility and clarity. On each floor there are twelve classrooms.


A spacious library with a reading room adjacent to it, is very well equipped by books of general interest and related to the course, Magazines & Dailies. The number of books per student easily crosses the CBSE norms. Presently the library has more than 3000 books and a separate fund is allotted to the purchase of books on Quarterly basis for updating knowledge of students and staff. Library committee comprising of all subject teachers under the guidance of Principal works for the enrichment of the library.


It has been mandatory for all the CBSE affiliated schools to have Maths, Language, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Laboratories. All the laboratories are well equipped to match the requirements of high school level syllabi.


In order to cover all the outdoor games and a few extra- curricular activities, 3.5 acre land is reserved specifically for variety games and an athletic track. Sports are compulsory and no students exempted from the physical exercises and Yoga, Karate too. School teams of different games are encouraged to participate in the interschool competitions.

Parents Meeting

Section wise parents meeting are conducted to apprise with the day to day activities of the school and to avail Communication between the school and parents.

Transportation Facility

The school has new buses of latest model to ply covering every nook and corner of the city so that students from even nearby village can seek admission in the school. Teachers also accompany the students to keep Vigilance and discipline.

Teaching Staff

In proportion to the students strength, experienced and Professionally Qualified teachers are appointed. The ratio is less than I:Io. Teacher's are upgraded with the latest knowledge through Periodical Orientation Programmes, Seminars, Conferences, Refresher Courses. Teachers are selected only on the basis of their merit. All students are given individual attention and remedial classes are arranged for those lagging behind in any subject. There is no discretion on any basis. The spirit of integration is taken care of. Much owing to this a cosmopolitan atmosphere is experienced by one and all. No efforts are spared by any teacher, for bringing out the best in every student.